A Guide to Logging into Your Skyward Family Access Account

Skyward is a widely adopted student information system used by school districts to maintain grades, attendance records, general student data and more. The Family Access portal within Skyward provides customized login access specifically for parents, guardians, and students themselves in upper grade levels to conveniently view academic details online for monitoring performance.

Skyward FBISD

If your child’s school utilizes Skyward for record-keeping, gaining login credentials to your family account is important. Here is a step-by-step process for accessing this useful portal:

Obtain Your District-Issued Credentials

The first step is contacting your school administrators to receive assigned credentials which typically include:

  • Account URL – Unique web address for your district’s Skyward portal
  • Username – Usually the parent/guardian’s email address
  • Password – Randomly generated temporary password

Both students and at least one parent/guardian can obtain logins per family. Provide email and mailing addresses to ensure credentials get delivered.

Reset Your Password

The temporary password assigned by the school must get changed immediately after first login for security purposes. When accessing the portal for the first time:

  • Enter username and temporary password provided
  • Select “Forgot Password” tools
  • Input email address to receive reset link
  • Create permanent password per guidelines Saving this permanent password in a safe place avoids repeating reset procedures continually.

Complete Online Forms

Additional forms may need completing to finalize Skyward Family Access registration including:

Skyward FBISD Family Portal
  • Student portal permissions
  • Directory, image and media releases
  • Technology usage agreements
  • Other district-required forms

Digital acceptance and signatures streamline processing these necessary forms.

Begin Accessing Student Records

Once fully logged in after following the above steps, parents and students can begin leveraging the wide range of academic tools and data available in their Family Access dashboard like:

  • Grades and assignment details
  • Class schedules
  • Standardized test results
  • Bus routes
  • Fee balances
  • School calendar
  • District notifications

The intuitive portal makes accessing this information convenient from any web browser. Mobile apps add additional convenience for on-the-go access.

Contact School Admins with Any Login Issues

If encountering any problems with account access, passwords or forms completion, quickly contact district administrators for troubleshooting assistance. Provide your registered email and student’s details for fast identification.

Proper Skyward Family Access facilitates student success by keeping families continuously informed. Follow this login process closely to unlock the powerful communication and monitoring capabilities.

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