Skyward FBISD: Empowering Parents for Student Success

As a parent, you want to stay up to date on every aspect of your child’s academic experience. The comprehensive student information system from Skyward FBISD makes it easy for parents to monitor grades, attendance, health records, behavior, and more all in one convenient platform.

Skyward FBISD

See How Your Student is Performing Academically

Real-time grade reports in Skyward FBISD enable you to track assignment scores, quizzes, tests, and course averages throughout the year. Check if your student is struggling in any subjects or if they need help preparing for upcoming exams. Monitor both progress report grades and course grades as they are entered by teachers. Notifications can also alert you when new grades are posted.

Along with grades, you can use Skyward FBISD to understand exactly where your child’s strengths and areas of growth are by subject area. Analyze their mastery of different concepts covered in class. This helps guide your support efforts and allows you to reinforce skills at home.

View Upcoming Homework & Assignments

On top of grades, easily stay updated on all your student’s latest homework and deliverables posted to Skyward FBISD. The calendar extracts assignments from integrated Google Classroom and sorts them by due date for organized monitoring. Tap into resources and documents to help your child complete the work successfully from home.

Manage Attendance in One Dashboard

Skyward FBISD records daily attendance for each class period, along with entries for absences, late arrivals, early departures, and explanatory notes. Parents receive notifications for any attendance exceptions and can explain absences through the portal. This helps ensure accurate record-keeping for mandatory attendance laws.

Access Student Health History

Through integrated electronic health records in Skyward FBISD, parents can digitally complete student medical questionnaires, authorize medications, view vaccine records, manage health screenings, submit doctor’s notes, and more. Tap into this critical information from anywhere to best support your child’s well-being.

Skyward FBISD Access

Stay Updated on Student Behavior

Along with academic progress, Skyward FBISD provides visibility into your student’s behavior at school through teacher comments, discipline records, and more. Monitor for any bullying or concerning activity and directly message school staff through the portal. This facilitates healthy dialog to get students back on track.

Simplified School and District Communication

Skyward FBISD also powers all district and school communications to parents like announcements, newsletters, calendar invites to events, emergency alerts, teacher messages, and automated calls. Manage preferred contact methods and communication preferences from one portal.

Get Answers to Your Questions

Navigating school systems can get confusing, but Skyward FBISD has extensive parent resources including how-to articles, live chat, managed support tickets, message boards, and FAQs. Contact your school or district leaders with additional questions that arise throughout the year from one centralized platform.

Take an Active Role via Mobile Access

Monitor every aspect of your student’s academic journey via Skyward FBISD mobile apps for iOS and Android. This gives parents on-the-go access from your smartphone along with important push notifications sent straight to your device. Provide permission slips, report absences, check grades, read messages from teachers, view schedules & assignments, and more.

When you have real-time insight into school performance indicators, you can better guide your student to success this year. Skyward FBISD facilitates productive parent-teacher partnerships so you have all the tools needed to support classroom learning from home. Sign up for access today!

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