Skywardfbisd: How to Access Policies and Procedures

Skywardfbisd is an online portal used by many school districts to manage grades, attendance records, lesson plans, and district/campus information. Teachers, students, and parents can access key school policies and procedures through their Skywardfbisd login.

Skyward FBISD

Navigating to District Policies

After logging into your Skywardfbisd account, click on the “District” tab found along the top toolbar. This will open up a dropdown menu – select “District Policies” to be taken to the central repository for documents detailing campus and district-wide policies around academics, student code of conduct, technology usage, and more.

You can browse policies alphabetically or use the search bar to find specific documents covering particular rules, protocols or standards. Anytime official policies are added or edited, the updates will be accessible through the District Policies section.

Accessing Campus Handbooks

Alongside District Policies, individual campus handbooks covering school procedures, expectations, resources and guidelines can also be found within Skywardfbisd. After clicking the District tab, select “Campus Handbooks” from the dropdown menu.

You will then need to choose which campus to pull up the handbook for from an additional dropdown listing all schools in the district. These handbooks function as manuals explaining campus operations, outlining on-site services, defining codes of conduct, detailing rights/responsibilities and providing critical contact information. Handbooks may differ slightly between elementary, middle and high schools.

Skyward FBISD Portal

Teacher Access to Resources

For instructors accessing Skywardfbisd, there are additional menus providing links out to teaching guidelines and resources around special education, section 504, curriculum maps, scope and sequences, technology standards and instructional model overviews. These are designed to support teachers in implementing campus policies and core academic procedures in their classrooms.

Navigate to these through the Teacher Access dropdown after clicking District. Stay current on policies affecting instruction, assessment, data management and classroom management by regularly reviewing files stored under Teacher Access links.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about accessing policies in Skywardfbisd:

Where can I find school dress code and conduct policies?

District and campus policies around dress code, code of conduct and discipline procedures are located in the District Policies and Campus Handbooks sections.

Do I need a separate login for accessing district policies?

No, you access all information including District Policies through your existing teacher/parent/student Skywardfbisd login credentials.

Can I search handbooks and policies for specific keywords?

Yes, both the District Policies and Campus Handbooks sections have search bars that allow you to search documents using keywords.

How often are policies and handbooks updated?

Any changes to district rules or campus procedures are reflected in real-time updates posted to the respective Skywardfbisd sections. Expect edits throughout the school year.


Effectively utilizing Skywardfbisd as more than just a gradebook requires getting familiar with all the district details available behind your single login. Review relevant policies so you understand expected codes of academic and behavioral conduct across campuses. Stay aware of changes so you have current information guiding your responsibilities. Referencing your campus handbook means never guessing at on-site resources and who to contact for what. With a bit of regular exploration within Skywardfbisd, you’ll stay up-to-date on key policies and procedures all year long.

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