Monitoring Student Attendance via Skyward Family Access

Skyward is a commonly used student information system that gives parents and guardians convenient digital access to their children’s school records, grades, forms, and more via Family Access portals. Tracking daily attendance is an important capability families can utilize in Skyward. This allows closely monitoring any emerging absenteeism issues.

Skyward FBISD

Why Review Student Attendance?

Catching poor attendance early is critical, as chronic absenteeism correlates highly with negative academic outcomes according to educational research. Reasons families may want to closely follow attendance logs include:

  • Ensure safety and confirm children are making it to school each weekday
  • Receive alerts about possible unexpected full-day absences
  • Monitor tardiness or sporadic partial-day absences
  • Identify worsening trends requiring intervention to understand root causes
  • Have open conversations about why attendance issues may be occurring

Following attendance schedules in Skyward Family Access portals makes this monitoring easy.

Checking Attendance in Skyward Family Access

Skyward organizes student attendance details in distinct ways across various menu sections. Common areas to consult attendance include:

Skyward FBISD Access

Calendar View – Shows color-coded attendance codes mapped to each date going back for full academic year. Green = Present, Red = Absent. Can identify missed days or trends instantly.

Daily Attendance Grid – Lists attendance period-by-period for any date. Displays times student was Present, Absent, Tardy, Left Early, Excused, etc. Helpful for tracking partial school days.

Attendance Reports – Running the Comprehensive Attendance report lists every attendance event for date range selected. Codes clearly define reason and times.

Email/Notification Alerts – Threshold alerts can be configured for consecutive absences, recurrence monthly thresholds, etc.

Additional Tips

When reviewing attendance details, key context clues include:

  • Excused vs. Unexcused designations – Shows administrative awareness
  • Codes defining types of absences – Illness codes act differently than truancy flags
  • Consistency week over week – Helps identify evolving sporadic absences

Also note attendance cannot be altered directly; any corrections require school administrative assistance. Still, monitoring via Family Access is valuable for tracking issues early.


Checking in on attendance periodically through Skyward keeps parents consistently informed on critical metrics like missed school days, tardiness, early departures, etc. Enabling alerts can continue the monitoring automatically. Reviewing codes and trends arms families with insight on emerging chronic issues and guidelines on when to pursue next-level support. Skyward attendance tools ultimately facilitate student success by improving transparency.

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