How Skyward FBISD Boosts K-12 Data Management

For teachers, analyzing student performance data and submitting timely administrative reports traditionally required tedious manual processes. Skyward FBISD solutions centralize management of everything from grades and assessments to attendance tracking, health forms, behavior incidents, inventory control, purchase orders, budgets, employee records and more. This is all integrated into one unified software system.

Skyward FBISD

Transforming Data Insights for Teachers

With the ability to input grades, curriculum plans, notes and other student records digitally to personalized profiles through Skyward FBISD, teachers gain on-demand access to analyzable data without the hassle of paper filing systems. This includes:

  • Assignment Scores: Log scores for homework, quizzes, tests, projects, and other assessments to Skyward FBISD as they are graded so progress tracking is continual versus waiting until the end of the grading period.
  • Mastery of Concepts: Align student assignment performance against standards and learning objectives covered in class to pinpoint subject area strengths/weaknesses informative of lesson planning, student grouping, and reteaching needs.
  • Notification Rules: Set up notifications to contact parents/guardians automatically when grades fall below satisfactory level so they can intervene with at-home support. Student-specific notifications are also possible for missed homework, skipped classes, etc.
  • Response Analytics: Review response reports after communications to determine if messages are being ignored. This requires testing alternative outreach approaches to drive better response rates over time.

Real-time Administrative Reports

For K-12 administrators, easily accessing and reporting out on school data is critical for state/federal compliance, stakeholder communications, district performance benchmarking and strategic planning. Skyward FBISD eliminates data siloes so leaders can generate reports on-demand showing:

Skyward FBISD Family Portal

Student Enrollment Statistics
Demographic Breakdowns
Special Program Participation Like ELL, SPED
Class, Grade, School or District-wide Aggregate Performance
Personnel Statistics Like Teacher/Student Ratio
Custom Queries Tailored to Any Area of Interest

Automating Administrative Tasks

In addition to streamlining data-informed processes, Skyward FBISD automates intensive administrative tasks. This allows district leaders to focus less on paperwork and compliance. It also enables them to dedicate more time to high-impact initiatives.

Online Registration & Reenrollment Processes
Application Processing & Acceptance Letters for New Students
State Reporting Submissions & Audits
Employee Records Maintenance & HR workflows
Centralizing Purchase Requests, Budgets and Expense Tracking

By unifying data management, analysis, and reporting, Skyward FBISD enables educators and leaders to elevate outcomes.

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