About Us

Skyward Family Access system provides parents and students with secure online access to grades, attendance records, assignments, fees, lunch balances, and other school information. Our user-friendly web-based interface allows families to stay updated on student progress anywhere with an internet connection.

Skyward FBISD

Key Benefits of the Skyward Family Access System

  • Convenience – View student data from any device, anytime, eliminating paperwork and the need to contact the school during business hours
  • Transparency – Monitor grades, ensure assignments are completed, and quickly identify any issues impacting student performance or attendance
  • Engagement – Enables parents to take an active role in supporting education and provides students ownership over learning
  • Efficiency – Automates school administration tasks like recording attendance, posting grades, managing fees and lunch balances

Empowering Teachers and Administrators

For teachers and administrators, Skyward Family Access Student Management Suite enhances school workflow automation and enables data-informed decision making. Powerful, customizable reports and analysis tools provide actionable insights.

Key Benefits for School Staff

  • Workflow Efficiency – Enter data once for attendance, grades, etc. with it propagating systemwide
  • Accessibility – Secure access to all student data from anywhere saves time
  • Customization – Tailor screens, reports, and workflows to specific school needs
  • Analytics – Identify trends to improve programs, policies, interventions
  • Compliance – Supports state reporting requirements related to attendance, performance, etc.

By centralizing information across departments into a single integrated system, Skyward solutions enable schools to operate more efficiently. Automated workflows eliminate duplicative data entry, freeing up time for what matters most – helping students learn and grow. Robust analytics provides administration unprecedented visibility into operations, attendance, grades, student growth and more, enabling data-informed decision-making.

Skyward FBISD Portal

Skyward is proud to partner with FBISD to leverage the power of technology to engage families, empower teachers, and ensure student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What student information is available in Family Access?

Parents and students can view grades, attendance, assignments, assessment results, immunization records, student schedules, fees, lunch balances, and basic contact information through secure Family Access accounts.

How current is the information in Family Access?

Teacher gradebooks feed directly into Family Access, so parents and students see grades and feedback usually within 24 hours as they are entered. Attendance is updated multiple times per day.

Is Family Access secure?

Yes, Family Access uses encryption and other security measures to protect confidential student data. Parents only see information related to their students after login.

Can I access Family Access on my phone?

Our mobile-friendly interface allows access from any internet-connected device – laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

What if I forget my Family Access password?

You can reset passwords easily or contact your school to have them reset it. School staff verify parent identities before resetting Family Access passwords.


Skyward’s solutions enhance communication, transparency, and efficiency for K-12 school districts like FBISD. Family Access empowers parents and students by providing convenient access to grades, assignments, attendance records, and other data from any internet-connected device.

Skyward’s Student Management System streamlines school administration while unlocking data-driven insights to inform better policymaking. By partnering with Skyward, FBISD leverages cutting-edge EdTech to engage families, support staff, and drive student outcomes.